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Control System Solutions

Our control system solutions are at the forefront of technology. Our scalable, future-proof solutions are built on solid foundations in physics and mathematics. Developing optimized solutions requires an understanding of the fundamental mathematic and physical properties of the systems you want to control.

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Automation and PLC-systems

Ultimately the gathered information is converted into PLC code, ready to run on the customer’s PLC system. The finished code can either be produced manually or generated automatically from a Controller Model that is developed during the model-based design process.

Our engineers have extensive experience of conventional PLC code implementation for a variety of systems. This work involves everything from software architecture to motion control.

Model-based development

Most of our control system projects are carried out using a development process known as Model-Based Development (or Model-Based Design), MBD. The basic aim of this process is to reduce development times and improve the quality of deliveries. We do this by starting with executable models instead of written documentation during the project.

Two main models are normally developed: the first describes the physical aspects of the system to be controlled (Plant Model), and the second represents the logic and the algorithms that will ultimately be implemented in code in the chosen controller (Controller Model).

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We are a leading consulting company that are experts in the development of advanced control systems, machine automation and AI challenges, as well as creating complete embedded systems running with the required features. We have years of experience and we always stay at the forefront of an ever-changing technical environment. We promise to help take your business to the next level.


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