The convergence of Control Systems, Data Science, and Embedded Technology lay the foundation for the intelligent systems of tomorrow. Through our cross-disciplinary expertise, we craft solutions that infuse devices with local intelligence, reducing latency and increasing efficiency. As technology evolves, Combine remains unwavering in delivering robust solutions that can adapt, learn, and optimize behavior while being on the edge – an accomplishment only achievable using state of the art technology and true Cross-Disciplinary Expertise.

Cross-Disciplinary Expertise


We work in various industries – ranging from the diving industry to the railway industry. Below is some example of industries where we have accumulated many years of valuable experience.


The automation industry presents a number of challenges, particularly in the development of advanced mechatronic systems. This is an area where we have worked on integrating a model-based approach, exploiting the strengths of the virtual development process and automatically generated code.

Testing is another area where we can gain major benefits from virtual test objects. By developing Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) simulations for our customers we can make testing faster, more effective and cheaper.

Combine also has experience in more conventional automation development, ranging from PLC programming to motion control and the development of new software architectures.


The expertise built up by Combine in model-based design is often required and sometimes essential to the defense industry. Combine can give support with many aspects of our customers’ needs. This can range from control, modelling and simulation, to data analysis and the management of big data.

Our knowhow extends from aviation to submarines and we have completed projects for drones and undersea robots, with the result that we feel very confident in these areas. Combine is also a proud member of the Aerospace Cluster Sweden and we keep up to date with the latest technology in the aviation sector. We can offer expertise in auxiliary systems such as monitoring and radar.


Our experience and expertise extends from autonomous vehicles with vision systems (deep learning, machine learning, AI etc.) to active safety, functional safety (ISO 26262), sensor fusion, lateral control and MPC.

Control systems provide the foundation for propulsion system development. They are used in every area, including functional safety (ISO 26262), sensor fusion, lateral control and MPC. Combine guides the automotive industry on its virtual development journey.

The model-based design approach is a common theme in all our business areas. It is one of the cornerstones in the transformation of the industry towards a more virtual development environment. Nowadays, everything has to be modelled, simulated and then controlled. This is where Combine shines – these technologies form our backbone.

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