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The creation of the new CleanTech company AiTree Tech

Combine will participate in founding of the company AiTree Tech, a company focusing on the prediction of the “second life” of batteries.

Shaping the future
The environmental impact of electric cars, and to be more specific, the batteries used in those cars are constantly under scrutiny. One possible solution is the reuse of vehicle batteries, often called second-life. The concept enables repurposing batteries that no longer meet the requirements of their intended vehicle application but still fulfil those of other applications.

Circular economy
The battery of an electric vehicle is today considered to have reached its “end-of-life” when its capacity decreased by approximately 20-30% compared to the initial value, which means that 70-80% of the capacity remains.

The problem today is to determine if the battery could be reused or if it should go to recycling?

Once we can determine the “end-of-life”, the batteries could easily go into the concept of circular economy, minimizing the use of our precious resources. By utilizing circular economy we can reduce cost, for example by re-selling batteries in an energy storage system or recycling them for reuse in a battery factory.

Business concept of AiTree Tech
AiTree Tech will provide a data driven machine learning solution. The aim is to predict the (complete) lifetime of lithium-ion batteries from first life to end of life.

The solution will enable customers to:

  • understand the scenario of re-manufacturing
  • analyse data and optimise the battery size depending of its usage
  • get a better understanding of the lifetime (1st, 2nd life, etc.)
  • get ID tracking for reporting to authorities

The company will be up and running during 2019.
Let’s contribute to save the world!

Erik Silfverberg
CEO, Combine Control Systems AB

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