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The initiative to open an office in Stockholm is entering the next level. In this blog post, you can read about interesting customer meetings and the recruitment process. For once, the engineers can be involved in hiring their manager! Enter The Next Level!

As I mentioned in previous blog posts Combine are expanding to Stockholm and we have now started the initiative to open an office.

Last week we, myself and my colleague Peter, visited Stockholm for interviews and customer meetings. We had some very interesting meetings regarding circular economy, autonomous drive and AI for Cleantech that we hope will lead to projects or prototype platforms. Stay tuned for more information in upcoming posts.

Job posts
We are still going through applications for the positions as Head of Stockholm, Data Scientist and Control Systems Engineer, so visit our homepage and apply!

We will start by recruiting suitable engineers followed by the manager, so the engineers might have the possibility to be part of the hiring process of their manager.

Regarding the office space we aim to find an office near the central station. The main reason is that we want to decrease the need of transportation by car between offices.

Competence needed
There seems to be a big need for experience working with GPUs, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI. We also see the possibility to package solutions that we can deliver as projects from our office instead of engineers on site. We prefer building our business with both assignments on site and solutions.

Being honest
Finally, I would like to highlight an issue that is not linked to Stockholm but is something I feel is important for our profession.

When we presented Combine and our services we were well received. The fact that we focus on technology and how we can help our customers differs quite a lot from suppliers that only consider business possibilities without taking good partnership or customer success into account. Some of the customers were surprised that we were more interested in getting things right than finding an assignment here and now.

We prefer being honest, doing the right thing, delivering quality over time and focusing on people; and we believe that this way of working will lead to success. It is also good for the soul 😊

So, I’d like to end this blog post by Combine’s motto:

“Our vision is to enhance engineering organizations in the world. Enter the next level is our way of expressing this, by helping our clients reach a higher level in their business. Our success comes with the success of our clients.”

Thank you for reading.
Erik Silfverberg

CEO, Combine Control Systems AB

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