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Ocean Data Factory

Combine has always been driven by a desire to explore new ideas and new collaborations. Therefore, we are really excited to announce that Combine will participate as AI experts in the collaborative work of building an Ocean Data Factory (ODF)!

ODF will be an arena to build competence and nurture innovation. It is open to all who believe that crunching data from the ocean is first of all fun, secondly, holds the answers to a sustainable blue economy and, thirdly, gets really productive when different competencies work together! Data collected from the ocean poses challenges such as numerous data sources with varying characteristics and time scales, communication difficulties and harsh environment for the sensors which can lead to poor data quality. Overcoming these challenges using efficient AI will be vital for the future of the blue economy and sustainable ecosystems.

ODF will be headed by Professor Robin Teigland from Chalmers University of Technology. SCOOT (Swedish Centre for Ocean Observing Technology) takes on the coordinating role. Stay tuned for more information in the future.

ODF is part of Vinnova’s investment to speed up development within AI.

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