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Meet Rikard Falkeborn

Rikard is one of Combines much appreciated employees both internally and from a client perspective. He holds a Licentiate in control systems and has experience of working as a consultant for several years at a variety of assignments.

What’s you background story?

I moved to Linköping when I started studying Engineering Physics and Electrical Engineering which was some years ago. I found an interest in control systems, so much in fact that I spent three years after my initial studies to earn myself a licentiate degree in that field. I was eager to put my acquired knowledge to practical use and started working for a consulting company in the region. At that time, Combine didn’t have an office in Linköping.

How is it you came in to work at Combine?

Well, the first time I noticed Combine was a job advertisement in a newspaper. I think it was in Ny Teknik, but this was a long time ago. Although it sounded great they only had offices in Lund and Gothenburg at the time and moving was out of the question. But when I saw that they were opening a new office in Linköping I contacted them and here we are now.

What was it that sounded so great about Combine?

Combine is very focused on the fields in which they work, that is control systems and data science. The thing that caught my immediate interest in the advertisement was that they really pinpointed the field of control systems which I haven’t found any other company who has done in the same way. When I looked at the qualifications, I felt that everything matched me perfectly. Now that I work for Combine I can only agree with my initial feeling, instead of being the biggest Combine focuses on being the best.

You have experience of working as a consultant for a long time, and in different consulting companies. You are also very appreciated by our clients. What would you say is your success formula?

I don´t have a formula or a good answer for that matter, maybe I’m just suitable as a consultant. I like to learn new things and to face new challenges. I also feel a need to get an overview of things I work with directly, so that I can contribute as fast as possible. I guess that the social parts also contribute when it comes to be a good consultant.

At the moment you work part-time while also being on parental leave. How do you handle that?

Yes, me and my wife are blessed with two fantastic children and until the youngest will start preschool I only work half of the week. It hasn’t been a big issue since the client I am working for is very understanding. I try to repay the favor by being as productive as possible when I work.

Without mentioning the client, we can state that you work in the automotive business. Do you have a favorite car?

Not really. Thanks to my kids I would say the dumper Chuck in the animated series The Adventures of Chuck and Friends.

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