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Meet Nithin Madassery, the Indian guy who fell in love with Sweden.

Nithin Madassery is one of our hardworking engineers at our Gothenburg office. At the moment, he works with software/model-in-the-loop testing and maintaining virtual test rigs for battery management software. He studied Electrical Power Engineering Master’s at KTH with a dream to become part in creating technology for renewable and sustainable energy.

It seems for me that it is a long way to travel to Sweden to do a master’s in engineering, why did you choose Sweden?
Yes, that is correct. The interest to do a master’s started out during my career as a hardware design engineer back in India. For most part of my bachelor’s in electrical and electronics in India I was interested in projects which was more hardware oriented. Right after graduation I did get a job to assemble/test electric control units (ECU) for solar inverters with a Swedish electrical company, ABB. During this time, I also became curious about how the software in the ECUs was created. Thus, I took the decision to chase a master’s degree and Sweden was close at hand due to its good universities and the positive work culture. 

Why did you choose Combine?
Well, when I reached the end of my studies I got involved in several hiring processes and few of them went far. It was the employees’ market at that time and the lack of engineers was striking. I bumped into Combine at a job fair for graduating students and thought that the guys in the booth was both social and technically experienced within the fields where I wanted to make a difference. Moreover, during the hiring process, I did get a completely different experience. The process was completely an eye-opener for me since the manager who was to hire me, forced me to answer difficult questions like, ‘What is your background?’, ’Why did you choose engineering?’, ‘What do you want to do in your career?’ Those questions created a feeling that this company really cared about their employees and that feeling is still there. 

Tell me something from your assignment that you are proud of?
In my assignment, I do work with software/model-in-the-loop testing and how to streamline the testing process. In the beginning, I did tests by hand which was a tedious process and not creative enough. It didn’t take the team long before we started looking for other approaches to do tests more effective and increase the test coverage of the software. After some time, we stumbled upon an automatic testing framework and adapting this was both interesting and challenging. During the last year, we have tried with the help of Python and existing tools incorporate an automatic testing framework in a larger scale than what I have seen before. It was an intriguing task to set the whole framework up to work and I am really proud of the teamwork and co-operation during setting the framework up. Now my work is focused more on setting up the test requirements individually rather than the framework for the test itself. 

Is the work as an engineer what you had envisioned?
Well, I didn’t have any clear idea of what an engineer should do. With experience, a picture started to take form that an engineer is someone that solves problems and issues. The problems do vary in both shape and size but yes that is what I and my fellow colleagues do every day. I really enjoy what I do and would love to keep facing more challenging tasks in the future. 

You have been in Sweden for a few years now. What do you think about Sweden?
Well to begin with, I am extremely fond of the ‘fika’ culture in Sweden. It’s such a nice custom where in colleagues get together every week, just to have some cakes and coffee! Moreover, I really enjoy working in Sweden because of the support, flexibility and co-operation that you enjoy at your workplace.  The weather can be difficult at times, but after three winters in Sweden, I don’t feel it is going to bother me anymore. 

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