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Meet Märta Paulsson, one of our top consultants

Meet Märta Paulsson, one of our top consultants within control systems development in Skåne. She studied electrical engineering at Lund University with three semesters as an exchange student at UCSC, receiving top grades and working extra with drones and robots. Märta has recently joined Combine as a part of our expansion in the Skåne region. At Combine she gets the opportunity to deepen her knowledge and gain experience in development of advanced control systems.

Märta, why did you choose engineering?
I have always been interested in technology, wanted to know how stuff works. I also liked math and physics and thought it was kind of easy. In gymnasium I first planned to study natural science but ended up choosing more technology-oriented classes since the combination of math and reality was tempting. I think that might also have been a reason to why I focused so much on control theory.

What was the best part of your engineering studies?
Without a doubt my time spent as an exchange student at University of California Santa Cruz!

That sound like a great experience!
Yes, it was fun to take other courses than what was available at Lund University. I also got the opportunity to work in the Autonomous Systems Lab, playing around with robots and drones. This was very valuable since it was like a mix of working, studying and doing research. California is also such a great place so besides studying I spent a lot of time surfing and skateboarding.

Autonomous drones sound like the optimal way to apply math in reality. How did you move on from that?
Well, after California I returned to Sweden in time for my master thesis. Since I had spent quite some time working with autonomous systems and drones I wanted to do my thesis in that area. With that said, I was thrilled when the perfect project was available at SAAB.

What was that about?
It was about controlling a swarm of autonomous flying drones. Having multiple drones in a swarm leads to many interesting problems ranging from internal distance estimation between the drones to the high-level behavior of the swarm.

So now you work as an engineer, is it all you thought it would be?
Well, I never really had any clear picture of exactly what it means to “be an engineer”. It wasn’t until the final years at the university I started to get a better picture of what it means. But yes, I work with applied mathematics every day so in that sense it is what I envisioned.

How does a typical day at work look like?
I work in an agile environment, kind of like scrum-ish… The day starts with a daily scrum meeting where we go through what we work on and potential issues. After the meeting it’s time to start work on my current tasks. Right now, my main focus is on PLC programming, coding new features and testing them out at the machine or in a virtual environment. Some time is also spent on developing the virtual test rigg, bug fixes etc. My days are very flexible, and I control a lot of the time myself and that suits me perfect.

Why did you choose Combine?
I started my career at a larger consulting company. I liked the role of a consultant, but I felt that I wanted to work for a company more focused on the technologies I’m interested in. I had also heard good things about Combine from friends.

Do you also want to work with applied mathematics and control systems development as a consultant at Combine? See if we have any available positions, or just give us a call and see if we have something coming up soon.

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