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Meet Johan Wahlström, a true expert in control systems

Meet Johan who has a Ph.D. in vehicular systems and was the very first employee at Combines office in Linköping. After several years working in the automotive industry, he chose to start at Combine. A decision he has not regretted, since Combine makes it possible for him to do the thing he likes most in his work, to be the expert.

How did you come in contact with Combine?
I came across a job advertisement on LinkedIn. The timing of it was perfect, as I was looking for a new job that was more in the line of my Ph.D. studies and research. Combine caught my eye, as they mentioned many of the skills that I felt I possessed and wanted to use on a daily basis.

Are you using these skills now, please describe a typical work day?
At the moment, I’m back in the automotive industry which I like. I have an assignment where I sit at my client’s facility, doing a lot of sensor fusion. Using existing sensors, I develop different algorithms to estimate the surroundings of a vehicle. The client work in an agile way which suits me well, with daily reconciliations to avoid problems. Apart from doing the software development, I also take part in testing it on the hardware. It’s fun to see the result of one’s work on real hardware. That was something I couldn’t do on my last assignment.

Why not?
I can’t talk about it but let’s just say that assignment wasn’t in the automotive industry.

Ok. Do you have any preferences regarding industries to work within?
I have to say that from my experience I like the automotive industry. My Ph.D. is in vehicular systems and I have many years of experience working in that field. It is a fast industry, where I as a software engineer can work with virtual models and simulations to get instant feedback from my work. When applicable, I can generate code automatically and upload the code to a vehicle and test my algorithms on the real hardware just shortly after I developed them. Another benefit is that it is well known to the public, I can easily explain what I do to friends and colleagues.

It sounds like you have a good assignment right now?
Yes, it is a really nice one. Although it would be fun to work even closer to my research, developing efficient diesel engines. But that would probably mean that I have to move, and with family and friends in Linköping I prefer to stay here.

How do you feel about the balance between work and family?
For me it works very well. At the moment I work about 85 % compared to a full-time employee. I have understood that it can be an issue in other countries. However, my current client is very understanding and supportive, so my hours are quite flexible. And that is also something I like about my work, for somehow I need to juggle work, family and other activities.

What kind of other activities do you have?

I play alto saxophone and goes running at least once a week.

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