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Meet Ingemar, senior problem solver and process developer.

When Ingemar Jansson joined Combine he had recently held a leading position in the first industrial-scale Electrical Car project in Sweden. When the project was completed, Ingemar went looking for new challenges and found Combine.

You have been working with electrical systems and software in vehicles your entire career. Why? 

Actually, I’m not into cars or any other vehicles specifically. What drives me is mainly to solve problems in a challenging technical environment. It might as well have been airplanes or something else entirely. It just so happened that cars and buses had the right combination of technology and challenges to attract me.

How has your career developed at Combine?

The first step was into the telematics area. From there I moved on to Infotainment, and currently I am helping a customer with IT and processes relating to software development and software management.

When Combine sends you to help a customer, what can the customer expect?

I have realized that I have a knack for understanding how the processes, support systems and organization in a company are meant to facilitate technical development. Once I understand this, I bring out my broomstick and begin clean-up operations so that things work the way they are supposed to. Consequently, my CV is full of activities such as ”responsible for project documentation”, ”task force leader”, ”team leader” and similar. In my current assignment I also have the opportunity to develop improvements and IT that raise the quality of the customers processes.

If you could choose a completely different assignment, what would it be?

I believe that we have the technology, or the ability to develop it, needed to help solve some of the big issues facing us globally, issues like our impact on the climate. Creating the right incentives and mechanisms, as well as developing the solutions themselves, would be really stimulating and interesting.

Does your technical interest spill over outside your job?

It certainly does. I have been brewing beer for many years and I finally started a microbrewery called Sad Robot Brewing. Being who I am I tried to learn as much as possible about the engineering side of all the steps in brewing processes, such as chemistry and thermodynamics. Just like at an assignment I like things to be clean and controlled, so the only solution was to team up with some friends and do it ourselves. It was just like a second job. I spend less time on brewing nowadays, but one of the things I have done lately is to mentor a thesis project at Combine aimed at controlling and monitoring the brewing process (Editor’s note: you can read about this in the Combine blog here).
I also do some acting in theatre and movies, so not everything is technical. And yes, you can probably figure out what kind of books and movies I like from the name of the brewery.

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