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Meet Camilla Collins

I am born and raised in Linköping which have given me, besides many joyful moments, a solid network of contacts and good knowledge of the local businesses. Suddenly, I saw a job advertisement of a company I had not noticed before, Combine Control Systems, and a visit to their website got me interested. The role that they wanted to assign was mainly about developing the company in the region and this appealed a lot to me. I love challenges and the possibility to make a small office grow, especially in the competitive consulting industry, feels incredibly fun and exciting. I have made similar things before and I am confident and motivated to really establish Combine in Östergötland.

What I like most about Combine is that they take care of their employees and listen to them to create a great workplace. They are also very clear about which competences they possess, so that both new employees and clients know what to expect. My job will focus on creating long lasting relationships with all parties. The employees shall know that their assignments will be chosen from an individual view, with their background and experiences. Clients shall know what Combine stands for and what we contribute, which is more of partnership than a customer/supplier relationship.

But then again, we are suffering from Covid-19, which is affecting all industries and companies, not least in the consulting sector. How I am supposed to develop a company under these circumstances? One should be humble when facing this pandemic, but my strategy will be to make the new become the normal. Combine as a company is used to digital meetings and projects performed from a distance, for example doing work for American and Asian companies. We have the potential to manage projects like these even on a local scale, which renders even better prerequisites for satisfied clients.

I will put Combine on the map, at least on a regional scale. I look forward to getting to know all the contacts I will make in my new position. Before the end of 2021 we shall double the amount of people tied to our office in Linköping and during the upcoming years we look forward to doubling the workforce again. I am excited that, together with Rikard Hagman, carry through our vision for Combine and I believe that there are people who feels just like me. Let us know so we can do this together instead of waiting for Combine to headhunt you.

The upcoming year will be one of my most thrilling years. I believe that many people will move between companies and we will work proactive to connect with the people we want to grow with. I want to represent good leadership and mediate a great feeling, a transparent way of working and supply possibilities to develop.

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