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Meet Benedikt Ziegler

Benedikt joined Combine after his PhD where he investigated the physical properties of novel materials. During this time he became very ambitioned about developing data analysis tools for his needs. At Combine he found the right employee to pursue his interests in data science, tools and software development. Now he will provide our customers with the right data science solutions.

How did you learn about Combine?

It was just after I finished my PhD in physics at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. During this time I was looking for a job in Sweden to move here. It was actually at Charm, the job fair at Chalmers University, where I more or less stumbled into the booth of Combine. My interest in Combine was immediately awoken talking to my future colleagues and their technical problems which needed to be solved.

Which of the skills acquired during your PhD are you using in your daily work life?

Since my PhD was about the very fundamental physical properties of novel materials, these parts are not at all important for my daily work life. It is more the broad mathematics and physics knowledge as well as secondary skills you acquire during a PhD which are the ones I am using during my workday, e.g. the programming experience and data analysis skills. During my academic career, I got very interested in developing my own data analysis tools and in optimizing our algorithms. When I came to the end of my PhD I was sure I wanted to continue in this direction, but working in the industry.

Tell us about the different projects you were working on at Combine?

I started helping out with the development of Combines own data analysis tool ”Sympathy for Data”, which I wished I had known about during my PhD. I believe it would have saved me many hours of developing my own scripts and tools over and over again. I also like the visual representation to quickly grasp and structure a workflow. Furthermore, it appealed to me to contribute to open-source software (Editor’s note: you can read more about Sympathy for data here).

It followed a smaller project implementing a server application before I started a two-year on-site project at one of our customers designing and helping to implement a framework for automated end to end verification. This last project was very challenging on many levels, from learning the customer’s needs, designing the system from the ground up, as well as fighting for the right recourses. But I am a person who likes a good challenge and uses it to grow on it. I believe I succeeded and left the group in a good place before I started my new role as the group manager of Data Science Solutions in our Gothenburg office.

How do you see the future of your new group?

There are two things which are very important to me and Combine in general. Firstly, I want to provide our customers with the right solution, meaning quality and usefulness. And secondly, I want to provide a great working environment for our consultants where they have the possibility to grow professionally and personally. I strongly believe that sharing knowledge between our onsite and inhouse consultants will boost our capabilities to provide our customers with the right and complete solution.

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