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Combine at PyCon 2018

PyCon 2018 will soon go off at Ingenjörshuset in Stockholm, tomorrow Wednesday December 12th. It will feature many well known keynote speakers and interesting talks. Will you be there?

As one of the most prominent programming language in data science we often find ourselves implementing our own products, such as Sympathy for Data, as well as tools and other software for our clients using Python. As a member of the Python community and a contributor to Open-Source software we want to keep our developers at the forefront of the development of Python as a language itself as well as the developments of the whole Python ecosystem.

Tomorrow there is the PyCon Sweden conference in Stockholm with several keynote speakers well known in the Python community. Combine will of course participate and today four of our data engineers and software developers take the train up to Stockholm to stay the night and to listen to the talks and to contribute in discussions. If you’re there, try to catch us for a quick chat on Python or Sympathy for Data and how we use it to solve data science problems for our customers.

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