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A word from the CEO – 12/2018

2018 has been an eventful year in which we have continued to strengthen our brand, partly through the sale of our Mechanical and Product Development department (Combine AB) to Infotiv, as well as our further specialization in Data Science. The separation of Combine AB is a further part of our strategy and vision to streamline Combine to a leading company in Control Systems and Data Science. The year has been characterized by strategic initiatives in Data Science and development of the tool Sympathy for Data, which we see as investments for the future and further strengthens our position for the coming years.

Strategic initiatives
Worth mentioning for the year is our strategic efforts in the field of Data Science and the development of the tool Sympathy for Data. In the beginning of the year, we began the development of toolkits for Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Image Processing, etc. as well as a cloud service associated with Sympathy. As the demand of computational capacity and data analysis has increased significantly, we have acquired a new calculation server. This enables our customers to outsource projects and solutions such as Predictive Maintenance where we handle everything from hosting, ETL, calculation and reporting.

Our new website and graphic profile were launched in 2018: http://www.combine.se.
The investment gives a clearer message of our strengths and technical depth, which strengthens both the possibility of recruitment and approaching new customers. In addition, we also implemented a much more focused social media marketing plan to visualize our high level of technology, highly skilled engineers and company atmosphere.

Market analysis
The year has been political overwhelming with trade war, Brexit, weaker trading on the stock exchange and a failure (in my opinion) to cooperate after the Swedish election. The vehicle cluster in Gothenburg is extremely strong, and despite slighter worse economic conditions, we are careful but still positive for coming years.

AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
For us, the year has been particularly interesting from a technical perspective since there has been a big interest on buzzwords such as AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning. These are areas where we have been active for many years, but the market has not yet been mature and receptive. Therefore, we also see a strong interest in our expertise / experience in the field, and not least for the tool Sympathy for Data.

Parental leave
Since I have been on parental leave the second half of the year, I really want to point out the huge benefit we have in Sweden with parental leave. I think that everyone, especially men in leading positions should try to see the huge reward of being at home with their children. One should also take in to account the great benefit our society gain from equity between woman and men, both at home and at work.

Finally, I would like to thank all my wonderful colleagues. You make my job both easy and inspiring.

Thank you,
Erik Silfverberg

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