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A word from the CEO – 07/2019

During the first six months of 2019, we have implemented and acted on a large portion of the business plan for this year. The market is still good, so we believe that we need to continue to do investments for the future. Therefore I have chosen to summarize not all but some of the bigger investments started during Q1 or Q2 this year.

Prediction of lithium-ion batteries complete lifetime

Combine is a co-founder of the company AiTree Technology AB. The vision is to provide a data-driven machine learning solution with the purpose to predict lithium-ion batteries (complete) lifetime from 1st life to end of life. The interest for our solution is immense, where we see both large, medium and small companies looking for a way to handle their batteries in a more efficient way.
Stay tuned for more information!

The IP of the tool “Sympathy for Data”

In April Combine acquired the Intellectual Property of the data science tool “Sympathy for Data”.
Our intention is to continue to license Sympathy as an open-source tool, where add-on products such as cloud services, cluster support, etc will be included in an enterprise license. The focus in now to develop functionality such as streaming support, cluster support, cloud services to further strengthen our ability to deliver kick-ass solutions to our customers.


I am glad to announce that we are moving ahead with the establishment of an office in Stockholm.
We have now signed the contract for the office at Dalagatan 7, close to the central station.
We have also signed our first two engineers in Stockholm. More information about this will follow after the summer.

Hardware In the Loop

Combine will together with a new partner develop and sell an off-the-shelf HIL solution.
All partners have the know-how and a strong network from previous work with vehicles, controls systems, and HIL solutions.
We aim to provide our customers with a more efficient, easily calibratable and plug-and-play solution that is built on open standards.

Ocean Data Factory

We are excited to announce that Combine will participate as AI experts in the collaborative work of building an Ocean Data Factory (ODF)!
ODF, which is a part of Vinnova’s investments to speed up development within AI, will be an arena to build competence and nurture innovation.
Data collected from the ocean poses challenges such as numerous data sources with varying characteristics and time scales, communication difficulties and harsh environment for the sensors which can lead to poor data quality. Overcoming these challenges using efficient AI will be vital for the future of the blue economy and sustainable ecosystems.

To summarize

The start of this year has been exciting with new initiatives that strengthen our position both as a specialist supplier but also as an innovative product development company. I believe that our investments will be fully up and running during this year, leading to more interesting opportunities in the future.

Now, I’m heading to Italy for some relaxation and vineyards.
Have a nice summer.

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