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A word from the CEO – 01/2019

Last year we improved our marketing strategy, graphical profile and website, implemented our updated strategy in the domain of Data Science and our tool Sympathy for Data. This means that we now have everything in place to expand our expertise to other markets and focus on growth but with remained quality. Expansion and growth though, as I see it it’s a result and effect of focus on high quality rather than just the expansion itself.

Agile budgeting
We handle most of our internal processes with an agile approach, meaning that we believe in high performance team that are autonomous to decentralize decision making. Personally, I’m an agilist who strongly believe in empowering individuals/teams and that the result and dedication will be improved if one can affect the situation and outcome.

So, we will, starting this year also implement an agile way of budgeting.

The reason is that the current way of steering the business and company is not effective when the market change and when we know less of the future. I must admit that I’ve never been a fan of the standard way of budgeting since we always see a divergence just a few months after new year each year.

Instead of setting a budget for the year we will instead work with a window of a 2 months in a prognosis and change the budget/prognosis after hand when we know more of the actual outcome. I’m optimistic that this way of working with budgets will be the “future way” of many companies.

Since we are SW and Data Science nerds this will mostly by automated by using different available systems. If you have more questions about the model, please contact me for more information.

Control Systems
Last year we strengthened our control groups on all sites, taking more advanced projects both in-house and at customer site. We see a continued strong market for our services in controls and embedded solutions for this the year as well.

Data Science (AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning etc)
We have invested heavily in our ability to deliver even more advanced projects in Data Science. We have upgraded our computational hardware and hired several new data scientists and computer engineers. We are now providing complete data science solutions to our customers ranging from data analysis on big data to developing, training and deploying machine learning models.  Other than that, we will roll out our new tool “Sympathy Cloud Services” as an addon to the already established tool “Sympathy for Data” in combination will different toolkits for Machine Learning etc.

According to our business plan this is the year we start the expansion to Stockholm as well. And, why having a business plan without following it?!

The Stockholm region is very interesting from a technical perspective with cool high-tech companies in CleanTech, Energy, Telecom, Automotive etc. We will start looking for a manager in the region but in parallel start visiting customers and hiring engineers.

Clean Tech
What could be more important than our planet and the legacy to our children?

Therefore, we will put more energy in to be a part of the change required to overcome the climate crisis our generation will have to endure. We have, already today, customers in this segment but we will level up our focus in Clean Tech from now on.

”We are going to exit the fossil fuel era. It is inevitable.” – Elon Musk

Thank you for reading.

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