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A vision without a plan is just a dream

We believe that to be successful over time you need to have a plan for the future. Even though the market is unbelievable strong at the moment, this can change overnight. Before that happens you need to have a strategy.

Once every year we are updating the business plan. So this Monday and Tuesday we are adjusting the plan, both the long-term and short-term to make sure we are prioritizing the right things. The best ideas does not come from sitting inside a conference room looking at the whiteboard. Therefore we are at Isaberg Mountain Resort making use or their mountain bike tracks in combination with outdoor meetings.

When looking at our previous business plan we see that we have succeeded in following the big picture. For example, we have started a Data Science group at our offices in Lund and Gothenburg; have had more focus on marketing such as developing a new homepage and graphical profile etc.

Our vision is still, and will always be, to improve technology around the world.
Enter The Next Level.

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