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Meet Johan, multidisciplinary troubleshooter and idea generator

Johan Grimm moved to Gothenburg from Stockholm and met Peter Karlsson 1997. He had previously worked with surface mounting technology, but now moved into automotive electronics. When Combine started Johan soon joined up with Peter again.

You have switched between testing, specifications and leadership in your assignments. Tell us more about this.
I really like to dig into the technology that makes products work (or not), but I also generate a lot of ideas on how to solve various problems. So, my assignments have varied between finding and analyzing the cause of problems to building tools and processes for aftermarket documentation, or leading activities aimed at test automation.

How has your career developed at Combine?
I had previously worked in the telematics area and aftermarket. At Combine I got into engineering IT and finally back to telematics, navigation specifically. I’m currently working as a product owner, which I suppose is a fancier title as well.

When Combine sends you to help a customer, what can the customer expect?
They can expect me to get deep into the technical workings of their products and to generate ideas for improvement. Nowadays I can add value to the customer as a solution architect or by leading development of tools and processes, typically for testing. In short, I often end up evolving my original assignments into something far more valuable for the customer; improved way of working.

What do you do outside work?
My family lives on a property with several buildings and large fields. We have horses and chickens.

I have recently installed solar panels and bought a Model 3, so I am looking at zero fuel costs with electricity to spare for other uses.
A property like that requires quite a lot of maintenance and renovation, but it also gives me the opportunity to ”not think about work” during my spare time. For instance, building a music studio or renovating an old car, or setting up a retro phone booth in the yard.

The engineers at Combine especially enjoyed my article on re-baking a surface mounted circuit board by heating it in the oven.
Since I originally was a real ski-bum going regularly to the Alps, I now frequently ride an Electrical Unicycle (EUC), anyone is welcome to get in touch and give it a try!

I have also joined Hemvärnet and enjoy it quite a lot.

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