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Meet Bo Wennberg

I’m born in Lund, did my studies in Lund and have been employed in Lund at Ericsson and Baxter. Somewhere in between there I was raised in Hörby, a village that’s almost in the center of Skåne.

I have always been interested in technical gadgets, even before my commodore 64 I took things apart to see how they were built up. In the earlier years I rarely put the gadgets back together. The C64 survived though, just had to adjust the cassette deck every now and then. I guess that can give you a hint regarding how old I am.

My career has revolved around software, from user requirements to system verification. Always in or related to embedded devices. My time at Baxter taught me a thing or two about software for safety critical systems. In that case for medical devices but it seems similar to the standards for the automotive industry.

I took the job at Combine Control Systems because I think they have a unique setup with their competencies within control systems and data science. I also liked that I get to build my own team of embedded developers from scratch. The competencies in my team will hopefully complement Combine’s current strengths. This will prepare us to take on even more fun and challenging projects.

Transparency and empathy are important to me. Be direct but on the other person’s wavelength. Address problems but focus on the solution rather than lingering on the past.

I’m also striving for making the teams I’m involved in a little more fun and interesting.


Feel free to reach out to me regarding any prospects, whether you want to join my team, want us to take on a whole project or want to hire myself directly for a role.

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