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We have worked for many years with some of the leading Swedish companies in the automation industry.

Like the automotive and defense industries, the automation industry presents a number of challenges, particularly in the development of advanced mechatronic systems. This is an area where we have worked on integrating a model-based approach, exploiting the strengths of the virtual development process and automatically generated code. Although there are several similarities between these industries the automation industry also has special requirements in the form of different PLC systems. By developing models and then automatically generating code it is possible to free oneself from the hardware in a way that is not possible if the code is developed directly in the PLC supplier’s software.

Testing is another area where we can gain major benefits from virtual test objects. By developing Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) simulations for our customers we can make testing faster, more effective and cheaper.

Combine also has experience in more conventional automation development, ranging from PLC programming to motion control and the development of new software architectures.

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