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Tobias Olsson

Tobias is team leader for MDB and control systems in Gothenburg.
+46 31 42 10 60

The clearest childhood memories I have are of Dad and I building monuments and technical marvels in Duplo. I particularly remember one morning when the two of us managed to build a combine harvester, which was especially fun as we occasionally helped out on a farm. This was something that my dad and I did almost every weekend morning for several years. So when I applied to Chalmers University of Technology many years later, very few people were surprised.

My first encounter with Combine was when, as a new master’s student at Chalmers, I went along to Charm (Chalmers employment fair) to look for a summer job. I had read through the Charm catalogue quickly and picked out company after company, but strangely enough no one was interested in talking to me! But when I arrived at the Combine stand I got to talk to an old guy who was full of energy and wanted to know all about me! We quickly established that Combine did not have anything suitable for me at the time, but he still wanted to find out about me and give me advice for the future. When I later applied for a job and sat there nervously in an interview at Combine, I related the story above and then discovered that the person in front of me was the same old guy I had met two years previously at Charm – and my nervousness totally evaporated!

The story above is what Combine means to me, a “small” specialist consultancy in control systems that has lots of energy. They not only see the individual, but foster their unique skills in the company so that they grow. It is through the influence of individuals and their development that Combine continues to grow. When I first began an assignment for Combine it struck me how quickly I became part of the family and how this family, despite my prejudices, was quite stable. It’s the way this family radiates joy, security and fellowship that has given me the courage to develop at such a rapid pace and now become team leader. These are feelings that I think are important and I will fight not only to preserve, but continue building on to make my consultants feel the same warmth and sense of community.

In my spare time I love physical training, technology and pushing my limits. In winter I play ice hockey, go hiking or go skiing, preferably off piste. There’s nothing better than skiing off piste down the back of a mountain with powder snow up to your waist! The freedom at that moment is incredible, when all you see is your best mates amid the snow and the mountains! This summer I just completed my first triathlon! The combination of swimming, cycling and running is perfect. When you are completely finished, you switch event and use a different set of muscles, so by the end you have exhausted your entire body!

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