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Sofia Hörberg

Sofia specializes in Data Science Solutions in Lund.
+46 46 286 86 60

I have always been interested in how the world works, in every aspect. My curiosity knows no disciplinary bounds, and I’m as interested in the technical domain as the social sciences. Growing up I have realized that math is a fantastic language for describing these relationships, not only what connects to what but also being able to quantify how much.
I have studied Technical Nanoscience, an interdisciplinary Master of Science program that combines physics, chemistry and biology. I specialized in the mathematical biology where you take the modeling approach from physics and use it to describe biological processes.
In the last year of my master I started to realize that biology could be more than just the application. I could actually use my biology knowledge to boost my math and programming by doing Artificial Intelligence. My first try was to use evolutionary algorithms to predict heart failure in my master thesis and it was so interesting that I continued with the field and became a data scientist.
Since then I have had the privilege of working with all kinds of interesting applications, from modeling how weather affects network routers, to personalizing product recommendations to American grocery shoppers. At Combine I have found my crowd, curious people that likes learning as much as I do. Together we move one step closer to understanding the world every day.

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