Technical Consultant | Combine

Rikard Hagman

Rikard manages the Linköping office.
+46 31 797 10 04

I can still remember my first job interview at Combine. Opposite me sat the regional manager for the newly opened office in Lund, and as a freshly graduated engineer I possibly should have taken the interview more seriously. But what I remember most was that we laughed together, talked a bit about my interest in movies, and when I was asked to list three positive things about myself I could only come up with two. I had only prepared to talk about negative aspects.

But I immediately took a liking to Combine. There is an enthusiasm among my colleagues that is hard to find anywhere else. Nothing is impossible; there is a solution to everything. Since introducing myself to everyone during a karaoke session at Combine’s summer party in 2010 I’ve become part of the community. I think this sense of community is a result of the reassurance you get as an employee at Combine.

During my time as a consultant at Combine I gained a lot of work-life experience and have worked for several companies in Trollhättan and the Malmö/Lund region. When my wife subsequently got a job in Linköping it seemed natural to leave our apartment in Malmö and head north. Thanks to a positive attitude and a supportive company behind me I was given the opportunity to set up an office in Mjärdevi. This has been very rewarding, since Combine and Linköping suit each other well.

I still have an interest in movies, although with a wife and children I don’t have time to watch as many movies now. Other big interests include cooking, football, beer and going to the gym. I also enjoy playing golf and bridge, but unfortunately that happens all too rarely.

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