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Gustaf Gulliksson

Gustaf specializes in engineering physics in Gothenburg.

My passion is solving complex problems, both theoretical and practical. When the time came to do my thesis project at the end of my degree I was lucky enough to get a place at Combine. It also turned out that this was the company I wanted to continue working at. I feel that I get to use my technical skills to the full here, while continuously acquiring new skills in new areas.

What I like about Combine is the high quality that shows in everything the company does. It feels as if quality always comes before quantity and there is an exceptionally high level of competence within our walls. The atmosphere is also very friendly; everyone knows everyone else and everyone is approachable. The managers are always willing to listen if you have your own ideas and comments, and because the decision paths are short you feel you have influence over your own work and the way the company works.

Right now I’m working on a data analysis assignment that uses the Sympathy for Data tool that was developed by Combine. I make sure that large quantities of measurement data are continuously synchronized and standardized, and that a number of key parameters are calculated and analyzed from the data. Much of this work would have been done manually in the past, so it’s cool to see how much of it can be automated.

One of my previous assignments was to develop a regulator for the climate control system in a car. A typical problem would be that the outside temperature is 15 degrees, it is 22 degrees inside the car and the sun is shining directly on to your black dashboard. So what air flow and air temperature do you send out of the vents if the driver has set a desired temperature of 20 degrees?

In my spare time I like playing guitar, being outdoors and doing all types of sport. As sports manager at Combine I also organize our monthly sports activities. We’ve tried out everything from zumba to squash. Because a lot of our consultants are out on assignments with various customers this is a great way to get to know your colleagues.

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