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Petter Lannerhed

Petter Lannerhed is one of our young talents who has made an impact during his first year at Combine.

My plan was to become a doctor. That’s what made me leave my hometown of Sundsvall to go and study in Linköping in 2011. However, it didn’t take long before I realized that doctor wasn’t the career for me. Instead, I started studying mathematics which I always had an interest in and felt even stronger that this is what I wanted to work with in the future. I therefore applied to M.Sc. in engineering within applied physics and electrical engineering, mostly because they had the most courses in mathematics. My new plan was to get a master’s degree in engineering mathematics.

But as fate would have it, my plans changed once more. When studying a course in control systems, seeing how the world of mathematics interconnected with the real world, I decided to pursue a degree in control systems instead. I have never regret that decision, control systems put mathematics in practical use. During my studies, I have among other things developed the software for a hexapod finding its way through a maze and worked with autonomous forklifts.

I came in contact with Combine Control Systems early during my studies, where I met them at the university’s career fair LARM. When I thought of potential employers I imagined myself working for a big company such as SAAB, but suddenly I could see myself working as a consultant in a company specialized in my own field.

I started working at Combine in 2017. It was a hectic time, landing both job and apartment at the same time and I was offered an assignment in the northern part of Sweden. It was a big readjustment, but I managed to lease my newly acquired apartment and off I went. The assignment was very fitting, and I liked it a lot. Combine is great in that way, I have freedom when it comes to choosing assignments and the knowledge that I can change assignments when I want. To go to the north of Sweden wasn’t something I planned, but it gave me the chance to experience new things.

For some years now, I have been frequently at the gym which has become a hobby of mine. When I moved to northern Sweden it so happened that the gym owner was also keen on arm wrestling, so I started arm wrestling as well. After six months training I finished 6th at the Swedish Championship, with my right arm that is. Who knows what the future has in store?

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