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Erik Silfverberg

Erik is CEO of Combine Control Systems in Gothenburg.
+46 31 42 10 60

I have always had a strong interest in technology and a keen desire to find out how things work. So my parents and friends were not surprised when I chose to study technical subjects at college and university. I became interested in programming at an early age; my first programming experience was with a Commodore 64 and that was when my interest in computers and programming was awakened.

When my girlfriend, who is now my wife, got a place on a trainee program at Tetra Pak in Lund I was asked by Combine to set up their office in Lund. It was a challenge I accepted despite the comfortable environment and security of Volvo Cars. I had been working there as a development engineer on drivability features for automatic gearboxes. It was Combine’s expertise in control technology and modelling/simulation that caught my interest, and Anders Movert, CEO of Combine at that time, was very enthusiastic about this field. What I did not know or understand at the time was the depth of technological knowledge and expertise that all Combine’s employees have. This is something I am very proud of.

After four years in charge of the Lund office it was time to move back to Gothenburg, this time as CEO of Combine Control Systems AB. This is a job and a calling that I have had for almost five years now and I have seen Combine grow into new service areas and new offices, and attract international customers.

I would say that one aspect that makes Combine unique is the fact that all the managers are engineers with a genuine interest in technology. This means we actually know what we are talking about when we meet customers.

In my spare time I enjoy playing, and in my case this means cycling, climbing, diving and more. I prefer sports that require your full attention, so your thoughts can’t wander off elsewhere. At the moment it’s mainly cycling. There is something special about hurtling downhill on a bike and picking your way over logs and stones. In short, I’m an adrenaline junkie. Music is a big interest for me and my family, as my wife plays the piano and I sing and “try” to play guitar.

Apart from cycling I enjoy playing with my son, Melker. I try to spark his interest in nature and outdoor interests, so hiking and cooking in the forest are obvious choices.

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