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Emil Staf

Emil Staf is part of the Data Analysis team in Gothenburg.

I started working at Combine during my master’s project. We were working closely with one of our customers (an automotive company in Hisingen). Afterwards I joined the team and for the last few years I’ve been working on a follow-up project with the same customer based on my master’s project.

I heard about Combine a few years ago through Gustaf. He was enthusiastic about the company and talked about how much he liked working here. That caught my interest. While I was looking for a company to work with for my master’s dissertation I was given several recommendations, but as soon as I came here I got a very professional impression.

If I remember right, I had two alternatives for my dissertation. One was the chance to join a team working on Segways and the other was a statistics project in data science. Both projects sounded interesting, but the data science project would give me the opportunity to learn Sympathy for Data. Because my graduate and master’s degree focused heavily on AI statistics and data science, it seemed appropriate to continue in that field. During my master’s project I also became more interested in machine learning and statistical sins.

One of the reasons I enjoy working at Combine is that they always see the individual and look for what suits their employees best. I also like the sports activities that the company organizes. Other companies don’t do things like that, and we also have get-togethers after four o’clock on Fridays, as well as game nights.

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