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Combine has acquired the IP of the tool “Sympathy for Data”

Combine has come to an agreement with Volvo Car Corporation to acquire the Intellectual Property of the data analysis tool “Sympathy for Data”.

The history of Sympathy for Data
The founders behind the Platform were two employees at Volvo Cars, Stefan Larsson and Krister Johansson.

In August 2009 Stefan Larsson started writing the first prototype. The prototype was presented to his colleague Krister Johansson, a technical expert in statistics, who also worked at Volvo Cars. Krister immediately realized the potential of the concept and started to assist in finishing the prototype.

By December 2009 they came to the insight that it wouldn’t be possible to finish the software while still having a day time job. They decided to ask for permission to continue work during work hours under the condition that the ownership of the software was put in a non-profit organization and was published using an open source license. Krister and Stefan continued programming and started preparing for the founding of the non-profit organization.

In May 2010 Krister and Stefan set up a meeting with Combine. Combine became interested in the concept and in December 2010 the non-profit organization “System Engineering Software Society” (SysESS) was founded.

Since then Combine has led the development of Sympathy, with Erik der Hagopian as Product Owner, with the purpose of providing an open source solution in the domain of Data Science.

The intention in the long run
Combines intention is to continue licensing Sympathy for Data as an open-source tool. However, add-on products such as cloud services, cluster support, etc will not be licensed under an open-source license. Neither will we try to build another BI-tool, but continue to develop the kind of functionality that makes Sympathy great.

Future functionality
We see the need of developing such functionality as streaming support, cluster support, cloud services, the ability to handle huge amounts of data using a better/smarter backend as well as a need to focus more on user experience.

The next chapter
We now start the next chapter for Sympathy where we aim to increase the development pace of functionality mentioned above as well as focus on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Image Processing, etc.

Enter the Next Level!
Erik Silfverberg
CEO, Combine Control Systems AB

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