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Process industry

Paper pulp production in the process industry.

Process monitoring involves keeping track of many measurement signals and it can be difficult to get a general picture of how the process is deviating from the desired operating point. Combine was asked to develop a parameter that would quickly alert an observer if one or more measurement signals was out of range.

Our solution

Using our Sympathy for Data tool we developed a solution that continually compared all the signals from a given part of the process with a desired operating point. This meant that operating staff could constantly monitor how the deviation varied with time, on displays in the offices and in the control room. The variation with time was presented on a self-contained interactive HTML page running in JavaScript and D3.

We linked into the existing databases, processed the information and generated the result with a few lines of code – thanks to Sympathy for Data. The result was distributed through the company using existing channels. Our customer was very pleased with the outcome.

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