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Planning your master's thesis?

We welcome students who are seeking a challenge beyond the ordinary.

Are you a high-performing student with top grades? Or do you have a project that otherwise demonstrates your ability and skills in relevant areas? Or do you simply enjoy technical innovation? Then you have come to the right place.

Combine are specialists in control systems and artificial intelligence. We offer you an inspiring environment in which to work alongside specialists in the coolest technology fields. We give you the opportunity to kick start your career. We can help you to the top in your technical field and offer you an early career path to becoming a specialist.

We are always looking for the best employees in the industry who want to build on their skills in control design (model-based design, MPC, LQR, etc.), data analysis, deep learning, machine learning, AI and statistics.

For students, we also offer advanced master’s projects for those who want a challenge beyond the ordinary. Examples of previous master’s projects include the steering for an autonomous submersible, a self-balancing cube with gyro system, inverse kinematics for a hexapod, and vision systems.

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