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Embedded systems

From AVR to SoC – we are here to help you.

We can help you with drivers, security, communication and other services needed to make a complete embedded system running with the required features. Regardless of the area, we focus on ease of understanding and simplicity throughout development. This focus is important to make things easier for our customers during handover and simplify maintenance and data input for the function.

Our Embedded Systems software engineers have in-depth expertise in all the stages needed to produce high-quality code that is ready for production. Various standards must be followed, depending on the industry that the code will be implemented for. In the automotive industry, for example, these are usually ASPICE, AUTOSAR and ISO 26262. In the medical device industry, we will follow the IEC 62304 standard.

In-house projects
This team will enable our colleagues’ auto-generated code to run on target. Applicable drivers for actuators and sensors will be implemented or configured. Communication to other subsystems or the cloud. Middleware services. User interface. Secure connections to calculating servers and the cloud. The end result is successfully tested code that runs according to the requirements on target.

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