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Control systems

We are a leading consulting company specializing in the development of advanced control systems.

Our control system solutions are at the forefront of technology. Our scalable, future-proof solutions are built on solid foundations in physics and mathematics. Developing optimized solutions requires an understanding of the fundamental mathematic and physical properties of the systems you want to control.

Here are some examples of the control system tasks that we undertake:

  • Development of functions and algorithms
  • Plant modelling and simulation
  • Implementation of control strategies on target hardware
  • Preparation of control system models for automatic code generation
  • Optimization and calibration
  • Software integration

The mathematical control strategies are often produced with pen and paper, in combination with the latest mathematical software. The next stage is to implement the algorithms, which is done in different ways in different industries.

The implementation phase can be roughly divided into three different methods, of which model-based design is one method for bridging the gap between theory and final implementation.
Model-Based Development
Automation and PLC-systems

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