Areas of Expertise

Control systems, model-based development, software engineering, data analysis and product development are fields in which Combine have extensive knowledge. Our committed personnel have the expertise to transform good products into smart products, make complex data accessible and develop controls for sophisticated technical systems.


Control Systems

Combine specializes in advanced applications in areas such as automotive, aviation and automation industry. We have extensive knowledge and experience in physics, mathematics, statistics, control systems, embedded systems, computer communication and developing processes. Want to know more about our control systems applications and what we can do for your project?
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modellbaserad utveckling

Model-Based Development

With extensive experience working with model-based development methods, Combine engineers produce higher quality solutions utilizing an efficient development process. Use of simulations provides a deeper understanding of the target systems, significantly improving early design decisions - for example, the selection of a controller or hardware.

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More about Model-based development
Combine are partners with MathWorks.
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More information about model-based development can be read here.

Product Development

Our engineers are well experienced experts in several different industries. Our assignments are characterized by a high technical level and among our innovative employees you will find excellent analytical skills and the feeling that nothing is impossible. We support our clients throughout the entire product development cycle in a responsible manner. Want to know more what we can do for you?

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More about Product Development
More information about our services in product development can be read here.

Data Science

Our Data Science team are fun and exciting people with strong foundations on mathematics & statistics, a good mindset for programming and knowledge of machine learning. Regardless of your challenge, we got your back: from ETL to quantitative methods, time series analysis, measurement data, automatic report generation, KPIs, and anything else that may suit your business. We can work on-site or in-house, with projects and running assignments. Together with our Software Development team and some of Sweden’s most high profile companies, we have developed Sympathy for data, a free and open source tool for data analysis.

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Embedded Systems

Combine have experienced and capable software engineers related to hardware and embedded systems. An advantage with model-based development is its possibility to use automatic code-generation to C/C++. Our engineers have the knowledge to adapt models to make generated code optimal for the controller, but also to make the integration by manually written code.
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