Project / Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle TSRT10

In both civilian and military applications, there is an increasing interest and need for autonomous vehicles that can carry out missions at sea, in the air and on land without contact with an operator. Examples of tasks are surveillance, rescue operations, surveying, mapping, repairs or tactical missions.

This project will continue to develop a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV). This project is carried out by seven students in the course TSRT10 Automatic Control - Project Course at Linköping University. The project is a collaboration between Linköping University, Combine Control Systems AB and SAAB Dynamics AB.

The purpose of this project is to develop a robust control system, a simulation environment for speeding up the development process, improve the existing model of the ROV and introduce a positioning system that should work in a swimming pool. The future goal is to develop the ROV to become a fully autonomous underwater vehicle that can perform different types of missions on its own.

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