Complete your master’s thesis at Combine

For us at Combine, it is a natural thing to help students raise their level of knowledge and to achieve their degree. Therefore, we often have projects in collaboration with universities and colleges. The size and high proficiency of the projects makes them ideal as master’s theses, but occasionally also as project courses for a larger group of students. We at Combine always try to do our utmost when it comes to offer as challenging and educational projects as possible, while establishing a good connection between students and professionals.

The projects also make it possible for us to test new development concepts and demonstrating tools and methods which may improve business for both new and existing clients. Often, the projects reflect problems that exist in our field of work, and are beneficial for the students own development. Constantly collaborating with students also renews the mindset of Combine and updates us on methodologies and solutions.

Students who successfully complete projects at Combine have good opportunities for employment at the end of their studies. At Combine, we therefore treat all students as future colleagues and invite you to take part in the open atmosphere that is Combine. The technologies of the future are controlled by the students of today. Want to know more?
Contact in Gothenburg, in Lund eller in Linkoping.