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Mobility in focus on autumn kick-off

The 16th of September the employees at Combine Control Systems met at the Avalon Hotel in Gothenburg for an autumn kick-off. The focus of the kick-off was mobility, with seminars held by leading companies in the field.

The director of powertrain and chassis at NEVS, Hans-Martin Duringhof held a seminar about the future of mobility and how it’s connected to NEVS vision. He focused on changes and solutions regarding mobility to create a sustainable future. The challenges of autonomous vehicles were then talked about by Mohammad Ali, Volvo Cars technical expert in autonomous driving. His seminar was on a more technical level, while still discussing the safety aspects involved with autonomous vehicles. These seminars were then followed by an inspirational seminar by Annelie Pompe, a professional adventurer focused on reaching some of the world’s most inaccessible places. With a love for diving and mountaineering, she has climbed Mount Everest and the seven summits and has set a freediving world record of 126 meters.

The kick-off was then continued at the hotel penthouse with barbecue buffet, dessert, swimming in the pool and drinks. The day ended with the sun setting beautifully over the city of Gothenburg.