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Lia Silva-Lopez

Lia specializes in Data Science Solutions in Gothenburg.
+46 31 42 10 60

I’m an engineer who has spent a considerable part of my life acquiring knowledge. One season it was assembly language, and the next was Media Access Control for wireless sensor networks. After that came martingale and probability theory! I flirted with image processing for a while before digging into cellular automation with the aim of minimizing overheads. After that, I dabbled with a little classic AI. And then came copulas …

After many journeys around Wikipedia I became team leader for Data Science Solutions at Combine. I’m also an editor and blogger at My job is to understand your data processes and needs so that with the help of our team we can find ways to make them better, easier to use and more powerful! Please contact me if you ever want to talk about a problem your company has or if you’re curious about how we can improve things for you. Or just for a chat over a cup of coffee 🙂 It’s always welcome.

I love talking to people about data and AI. And sometimes they even talk to me!

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