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Foad Mohammadi

Foad specializes in algorithm development in Linköping.

The thing that made me apply to Combine Control Systems was the opportunity to work more closely with control systems and mechatronics. After studying mechatronics at home in Iran, I moved to Sweden in 2010 to study mechanical engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. During my time at Chalmers I was closely involved in Formula Student, which included designing the vehicle braking system. My first year with Formula Student involved competitions in Italy and at Silverstone in England. The following year I was appointed chief designer and we competed at Hochenheim in Germany and got revenge at Silverstone, where we won against almost 120 other teams.

After university I began working on vehicle dynamics and simulation for a couple of years. I then made a career change and helped customers in various industries to optimize their systems. That was when I came in contact with Combine. I now work mostly with algorithm development and simulation in Matlab/Simulink. I really enjoy working here – there is sense of openness at Combine that I have not come across at any other company. The management is very informal and honest about where the company is heading.

I’ve now been working at Combine since 2015. I’m still involved in the automotive industry, on the development of active safety and autonomous drive systems. I also led the development of a project with a Japanese car manufacturer, which gave me the opportunity to visit Tokyo. Unlike other companies in the industry, Combine focuses on quality rather than delivering quantity, which means that I don’t feel under too much pressure working as a consultant.

During my time at Combine I also moved from Gothenburg to Linköping, the aviation capital of Sweden. I hope that this will give me opportunities to work in the aerospace industry, which is my greatest passion. I’ve already been able to spend time using our Sympathy for Data tool to analyze flight data from a flight simulator. The move has also given me the chance to hang out with more colleagues at Combine, which is always good fun. I like the fact that everyone at Combine is a nerd in one way or another.

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